ARTWORK : Rain or Shine by Aiman Akhtar


2014-07-23(124043)_RainorShine_3DTotal(3D illustration based on a 2D concept)

I’m not saying anything, doesn’t mean I’m ignoring you.

[Music] Dream of Flying ~ Brian Crain

[My Trip] Brooklyn Botanic Garden

I visited Brooklyn Botanic Garden in a sunny and warm day of May. The gate on Flatbush Ave was under renovation so I walked to another one on Washington Ave. Thanks to all huge instruction boards from the station, that a person often walks blindly with the map like me, could find the destination easily! Well, at first, I mumbled “Oh, I should visit the one in Bronx!”, because Brooklyn botanic garden was smaller than I expected. However, things were not bad like I thought. The matter I regretted that I did not bring any better zoom-lens camera to capture all birds and squirrels! Otherwise, everything was beautiful and interesting, especially the Herb Garden, and the Native Flora Garden. I also felt thankful that my visit was in cherry blossom season, so the Cherry Esplanade and Cherry Walk were wonderful experience. Last but not least, the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden did quite well the role of interpreting atmosphere and presentation of Japanese garden (from my personal experience with gardens I saw in Japan).

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World of Cats – Ocicat

Ocicat is a very special breed. They have spotted coat, which exudes the wild beauty of the jungle or dessert cats.

In 1964, the original Ocicat was the unexpected result of an experimental breeding between Siamese and Abyssinian. It was named the Ocicat by their similar look like the South American wildcat (Ocelot).

Recognized for CFA registration in 1966, it took another twenty years to develop the breed and gain the support for provisional status. The Ocicat was advanced to championship status in May 1987. They can now be seen at many shows, and have been exported to many other countries, where they are very popular.

The ideal Ocicat is a large, active animal with an athletic appearance. It is very solid and well-muscled and has a short, tight coat with a satin sheen that shows off muscles and spots to their best advantage.

While the Ocicat looks wild, its temperament is anything but ferocious. It is a lot like a dog in that it is absolutely devoted to its people. Not a demanding, clinging-vine type, the Ocicat is confident as well as dedicated to its owners, and replies friendly to visitors or strangers when it is called.

The ocicat may look wild but they are anything but fierce. They are like a dog in that they are totally devoted to their owners. They are very intelligent and easy to train. Ocicats have been known to play fetch, walk on a leash and even respond to voice commands. Ocicats also easily adapt to traveling. Because of an ocicats social nature they are not suited to being left alone, however, they do well with other animals as companions.

Ocicats are also easy to keep. They require only occasional grooming and even though they look wild, they are not, and require no special diet.

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Source: cfainc, acfacat

J’ai réalisé


J’ai peur mon rêve disparaissent à partir du moment que je ne sais pas…

[Music] Tonight, I and Night Sky


Look up from your tears and see the sky, they will shed, but back inside your heart.

Music by Brian Crain from the album Inside the Melody

The Emotional Conflict

I’ve learned that being a strong supergirl is kind of tiredness, though I love my habit, looking at the sky, all your tears go back inside…


He once told me that everyone had his own sadness, no one would take the time to listen to yours. They busily revolved their problems, just as we wallowed in the pain of ourselves alone. Each of us built walls surrounding the soul. Like me, like him.

He said we must grow, mature and get used to stray feeling among the sea of people, whether we were in the middle of familiar or unfamiliar faces. Both of us were fishes, swam in the flow of loneliness, from we were born till we die, alone. Therefore, this feeling would not be scary at all if we were willing to get used to it. Learn to swim in the confusion. Continue reading