[My Trip] Brooklyn Botanic Garden

I visited Brooklyn Botanic Garden in a sunny and warm day of May. The gate on Flatbush Ave was under renovation so I walked to another one on Washington Ave. Thanks to all huge instruction boards from the station, that a person often walks blindly with the map like me, could find the destination easily! Well, at first, I mumbled “Oh, I should visit the one in Bronx!”, because Brooklyn botanic garden was smaller than I expected. However, things were not bad like I thought. The matter I regretted that I did not bring any better zoom-lens camera to capture all birds and squirrels! Otherwise, everything was beautiful and interesting, especially the Herb Garden, and the Native Flora Garden. I also felt thankful that my visit was in cherry blossom season, so the Cherry Esplanade and Cherry Walk were wonderful experience. Last but not least, the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden did quite well the role of interpreting atmosphere and presentation of Japanese garden (from my personal experience with gardens I saw in Japan).


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