Vietnam In My Heart

Vietnam in my heart (Việt Nam trong tim tôi) is a weekly program on VTV3, kind of combination of talk show and reality program. Participants are foreigners who live and work in Vietnam, or they are proficient in Vietnamese, or consider Vietnam as second homeland, and involve in activities for the benefit of community.


The 30-min program helps the audience to understand more about their lives, the reason they choose Vietnam, and their contributions to Vietnam in economy, culture, society, art, and so on.

The “Vietnam in my heart” is broadcasted at 8:45 every Saturday and Sunday on VTV3, playback at 16: 50 on Monday and Tuesday.



I cannot find English version of this website, so I want to translate summary of foreign participants in this program. They are all very interesting, for me, in someway. Maybe because of their love for Vietnam :)

Mr. Bernard Kervyn (Belgian) is widely known by his dear name “Mr. Vietnam” because everyone is surprised by his understanding about the country and people of Vietnam. More than 19 years living in Vietnam, Bernard has created employment and vocational training to help thousands of poor livelihood from Binh Thuan, Dong Nai to Hau Giang. He supports students making cards from recycled paper, opening shops to sell handicrafts so poor people can sell small items they create. He is implementing several projects to assist the poor to develop livestock and farming and he pays special attention to the issue of education for children in remote areas.
Video part 1:
Video part 2:

Kyo York (American) came to Vietnam in a program of Princeton University for Hau Giang province, to teach English for free. Since then, Vietnam has “soaked’ into his heart. He has determined to learn Vietnamese and sung emotionally songs of Trinh Cong Son, Tran Tien, Ngo Thuy Mien, Nguyen Anh 9 (they are all famous and reputable composers of Vietnam). Using sophisticated Vietnamese and passion with music, Kyo has brought new fresh air to Vietnamese music market. He sings Vietnamese because he loves Vietnam, with a simple natural feeling which not all Vietnamese singers have.
Video part 1:
Video part 2:

Leslie Wiener (French)
Talking about Leslie, we cannot miss mentioning about her love story with her passed away spouse, who is well-known in social activities. Leslie was a documentary director of Lonely Planet channel.
More than 20 years ago, this French director visited Vietnam to make documentary films. Her footprints imprinted throughout the North and Central of Vietnam. These trips like destiny, brought her heart and soul to stay in Vietnam. In 2004 – 2005, during the period of making “Agent Orange Lawsuit” documentary film, about lawsuits filed by the Vietnamese Victims of Agent Orange to American court, against the chemical companies like Montaso and Dow Chemical
To be continued…

Video part 1:
Video part 2:


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