Help save 85 Mekong Irrawady dolphins!

Just 85 Mekong Irrawaddy dolphins survive today in a small stretch of the Mekong River. And now, they are being threatened by a newly proposed hydropower project, Don Sahong dam. We can stop this! Add your name to the petition:


Source: World Wildlife Fund (WWF)


10 website cho việc học Tiếng Anh

10 website cho việc học Tiếng Anh được giới thiệu bởi ACET (Australian Centre For Education And Training)

Quan Ho – touching rhythm

Well, it will be a long story if I tell you about Quan Ho, but I will say a bit. Quan Ho folk songs were recognized as “the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity” by UNESCO on September 30, 2009. It is my most favorite traditional folk music (Vietnam have a lots of traditional genes, almost each area, or province, or ethnic groups have their own traditional songs or music). I can sing some simple melody of this genre, because I performed when I was in school. Quan Ho is from the North of Vietnam.

You can find out everything relates to Quan Ho such as : history, music, meaning, lyric, tradition clothes, etc from this link : Vietnamese version and English version

Vao chua – My fav song

For YouTube, you can find a great playlist in here ( and I myself uploaded 1 album I had to mediafire so you can download it if you want.

Link :

Enjoy it and have a nice time !