Light meal on plane

Light meal or supper on airplane of Vietnam Airlines from Ho Chi Minh city to Hanoi.

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My newest picture

My newest picture, in front of new dormitory inside university campus. My face looks so terrible @.@

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Dragon Hot Pot – Japanese style

My New Year’s Eve at Dragon Hot Pot restaurant. I met a Vietnamese famous actor here, got his signature for my “Lovely Husband” and took picture with him (I’m not his fan, lolz), will update more pictures from my camera later

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this part is updated later. pictures from my camera, including a picture I took with Johnny Tri Nguyen. My “lovely husband” sms to me and ask me to get his signature after I text that I’m in same restaurant with him after New Year‘s Eve. It is quite funny because I wait near restroom door (don’t worry, not in front of that door!) to ask him for his signature and I decide that I will take a picture with him for a memory. I’m not his fan but I know that he has contributed quite good for Vietnamese movie art recently. I think he has renewed some things in Vietnamese movies.

This restaurant really has style ! It also has a charming owner, a young and beautiful lady. It’s pity that I cannot take her picture, but I will remember her and come back this restaurant when I have time. I love rice with beef dish, really delicious…mmm………

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Impressive picture in…

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RESTROOM (inside a Japanese hot pot restaurant, Dist. 1)

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First entry

Hello, this is my first entry, and I almost don’t know what can I write T___T

Well, let’s see. I’ve just bought a BlackBerry 9700 with trackpad, and I’m trying not addicted with my BlackBerry. I know lots of people are same with me, but my first time with Blackberry, then I’m crazy with it. It is really useful for my job, which needs well communication and up-to-date email, information.

New Year is coming and I feel a bit upset because my to-do-list is not finished yet. I’m down this year, both work and study are not good, projects stuck, Mom and Dad are getting divorced, and ….. I’m still single =)) It’s not a bad thing when you’re single but sometimes I really want to find a shoulder to cry on, huge loneliness, blah blah. Anyway, those moments have gone quick and I’m back to normal. Too much emotional feeling………….

I’m watching JOSH GROBAN blog right now, really really LOVE him. I hope I can meet him someday, when I have chance to go to US. I plan to visit US next year but have not decided yet.

It’s 12.40 AM now and I need to go to bed. Zzz…..