[My Trip] Brooklyn Botanic Garden

I visited Brooklyn Botanic Garden in a sunny and warm day of May. The gate on Flatbush Ave was under renovation so I walked to another one on Washington Ave. Thanks to all huge instruction boards from the station, that a person often walks blindly with the map like me, could find the destination easily! Well, at first, I mumbled “Oh, I should visit the one in Bronx!”, because Brooklyn botanic garden was smaller than I expected. However, things were not bad like I thought. The matter I regretted that I did not bring any better zoom-lens camera to capture all birds and squirrels! Otherwise, everything was beautiful and interesting, especially the Herb Garden, and the Native Flora Garden. I also felt thankful that my visit was in cherry blossom season, so the Cherry Esplanade and Cherry Walk were wonderful experience. Last but not least, the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden did quite well the role of interpreting atmosphere and presentation of Japanese garden (from my personal experience with gardens I saw in Japan).

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Sunlight On My Petals

Ramblings From Jewels


Sunlight on my petals

kissed warm by golden rays

basking in the radiance

of a hot summer day.


© Julie Rehnelt 2014




I actually snapped this photo in the morning, just as the sun had risen high enough in the sky to start burning away the coolness of dawn.  I loved the way this particular bloom seemed to be trying to reach out from the shaded area up against the house to try and catch the sunlight.

I feel we would all do well to try and do the same… to reach out from the shaded areas in our lives and let the sunlight shine on our petals.  :D

May this week ahead be filled with lots of sunshine and joy for you…


✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

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Rose cupcakes…!

Too beautiful to be eaten…

the smiling mushrooms

Rose cupcakes...!

:O I totally love them!

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Da Lat – The City of Thousand Flowers

Da Lat is the city of Love and Flower

“Dalat with Cam Ly waterfall

And Lake of Sorrow….”

Da Lat city is seen as one of Vietnam popular destinations due to the dreamy and romantic of night highlands, morning fog and patches of pine forest surrounding the city. It has been named as The City with Pine forest, City of Flower, City of Misty or City of fresh air, poetic Spring… Although, you called its name in which way, Dalat is always be special attractive to tourist by its poetic scene and legend romantic love stories.To be gifted  a mild  climate of the sub-tropical,  Da Lat seems to be not suffer the heat from the south or the cold from the north but the weather is always mild and cool. The Da Lat’s cool is like as you enjoy a fresh ice-cream.

In 1899, General Governor of Indochina, Paul Doumer, asked Dr. Yersin to look for an area that has climate and weather similar with European’s climate to build a resort for senior officers. Dr. Yersin suggested Langbiang plateau for General Governor. After that, the Langbiang plateau changed its name becoming Da Lat city. However, most Vietnamese people call it as a city of flower and the French sees it as another Paris.

There is no other place in Vietnam that has as many varieties at flowers as Da Lat which has species from tropical forest to eastern and western flowers. The eastern flowers are graceful and soft. At private or state-run flower gardens, tourists can see pink colors of peach and climbing roses, violet colors of Japanese daisy and Ngoc Han flower, red colors of rose mallow and white colors of tuberose and camellia. Continue reading

Flower Fantasy Wallpapers

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