How to Improve Your Sales Skills, Even If You’re Not a Salesperson

At some point in your career, even if you’re not a salesperson, you’re going to have to sell something — whether it’s your idea, your team, or yourself. So how can you improve your sales skills, especially if you don’t pitch people often? What should you focus on first? And what should you do if you lose a sale?

What the Experts Say
Selling has a bad rap, says Thomas Steenburgh, professor at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business. “Very few parents say they want their kids to grow up to be a salesperson,” he says. His MBA students are no different. “Many of them tell me that sales is something they never want to do in their careers.” And yet, he says, “Sales is the most fundamental skill.” Scott Edinger, the founder of Edinger Consulting Group and the author of The Hidden Leader, says that the resistance to sales stems from an “antiquated idea that selling is pushing people to buy something they don’t want, don’t need, or can’t afford.” But that notion is outdated. “Selling is moving somebody else to action,” he says. And that is part and parcel of professional life. “If you look at things you do over the course of your day, from internal meetings with colleagues to clients calls, almost all of your interactions involve some form of selling.” Here’s how to get better at it.

Getting comfortable with sales requires an “understanding of what selling is,” says Edinger. Move beyond the used car salesman cliché. “Selling is not about putting undue pressure on and talking incessantly,” all while “wearing a light blue polyester suit,” he says. Rather, selling “is persuading, inspiring, and leading.” Your goal is “to work in collaboration” with a client or colleague “to drive change.” To get into the right mindset, Steenburgh recommends reflecting on your past positive experiences as a customer. “When you think about the best sales interactions you’ve had in your life, it’s almost like the salesperson wasn’t there,” he says. The seller was just “a person who’d taken a genuine interest in your problem and was helping you solve it.”

Put yourself in your counterpart’s shoes
“People buy for two reasons,” says Steenburgh. They either have a business problem that needs to be solved or they have a personal need, such as a desire to move up in the organization” that your idea helps accelerate. It’s your job to figure out your customer’s motivations: “What would it take to get your boss to sign off on a project or to get your clients excited about what you have to offer?” says Edinger. Do your research by talking with the people you’re trying to win over, and others in the know, well in advance of making your proposal. Think about what information you need to uncover. “Be empathetic. Focus on understanding the other party — what they need to accomplish and how they measure success.” This will help you tailor your recommendations. Continue reading


Cách pha một tách cà phê phin thơm ngon

1.Lựa chọn loại cà phê

Nên chọn loại phù hợp với bạn, có thể hỏi những người bạn về loại cà phê phù hợp với mình. Một lời khuyên: nếu là nữ hãy chọn cà phê có tỷ lệ Arabica cao vì một điều chắc chắn rằng, với loại này khi pha sẽ có một loại cà phê thơm với nồng độ cafein vừa phải (nhỏ hơn 1). Nếu là nam và thường xuyên dùng cà phê, nên chọn cà phê có tỷ lệ robusta cao hơn vì với tỷ lệ này sẽ tạo ra một loại cà phê có vị đắng (độ cafein lớn hơn 1,5).

2. Đun sôi nước

3. Tráng phin cà phê (tốt nhất là phin nhôm) bằng nước nóng, lau khô và cho khoảng 20 gam cà phê vào, lắc nhẹ phin đựng cà phê cho mặt trên của cà phê phẳng, đậy nắp chèn cà phê và đổ nước sôi vào.

4. Đổ khoảng 10 ml nước sôi, chủ yếu là để cho cà phê đủ ướt, đập nắp cà phê lại, không cho hơi nóng thoát ra khỏi phin và để trong vòng 1 phút. Tiếp đến, đổ khoảng 80ml nước và điều chỉnh sao cho số lượng giọt cà phê/phút khoảng từ 45 – 50 giọt. Nếu cà phê xuống nhanh quá, có thể điều chỉnh bằng cách ấn nắp chèn cà phê xuống và ngược lại.

Cà phê “nguyên chất” đã ngon, tuy nhiên, thêm một chút đường hoặc sữa, sẽ càng cảm thấy tách cà phê thật tuyệt vời hơn.