Suit up : World Cup edition

I always feel men in suit are attractive, no matter what. Otherwise, I always love football. This 2014 World Cup is great time to bridge the gap with fashion suits of football teams. Let’s see…
Several teams at the World Cup who are basically wearing suits with some sort of insignia on the left-breast of their blazers such as Spain, Russia, Korea Republic and Algeria, but none of them can wear it like Italians! GQ have called it and with a uniform designed by the “fashion gods of sex”, Dolce & Gabbana, it’s difficult to disagree.

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Couples’ Kisses in Same-sex Marriage


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I’m inspired by many friends who are in Vietnamese LGBT community, and decide to collect many kissing pictures of couples in their same-sex marriages around the World. According to the latest version of the draft update of the Marriage and … Continue reading

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New Year’s Eve countdown party

It’s pity that I did not have chance to join this party last year. It is really fantastic and amazing atmosphere. Only one con about this event is limitation of space. A big event with lots of lights and sounds like this, for New Year, should be held in a better space. More open, not surrounded by high buildings (It makes the lights not beautiful as it should be).

Anyway, it’s still a good New Year’s Eve with dancing, taking picture, watching a Muslim guy carry a Vietnamese flag (he receive lots of attention, which help him easier in moving among thousands of people like that, lolz), singing Happy New Year song with many people…..

I hope this event can be annual with more interesting activities !

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Dragon Hot Pot – Japanese style

My New Year’s Eve at Dragon Hot Pot restaurant. I met a Vietnamese famous actor here, got his signature for my “Lovely Husband” and took picture with him (I’m not his fan, lolz), will update more pictures from my camera later

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this part is updated later. pictures from my camera, including a picture I took with Johnny Tri Nguyen. My “lovely husband” sms to me and ask me to get his signature after I text that I’m in same restaurant with him after New Year‘s Eve. It is quite funny because I wait near restroom door (don’t worry, not in front of that door!) to ask him for his signature and I decide that I will take a picture with him for a memory. I’m not his fan but I know that he has contributed quite good for Vietnamese movie art recently. I think he has renewed some things in Vietnamese movies.

This restaurant really has style ! It also has a charming owner, a young and beautiful lady. It’s pity that I cannot take her picture, but I will remember her and come back this restaurant when I have time. I love rice with beef dish, really delicious…mmm………

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My niece

I found pictures of my cute niece in laptop few days ago, and I want to share it with all of you. Her nickname at home is POOH (Winnie the Pooh – yellow bear). She’s nearly 3 years old, and very smart, same like …. me (lolz, j/k). Frankly, she’s really smart, she can read almost Vietnamese alphabet right now, similar to me. I can read newspaper when I was 3 and a half. Thanks to my grandpa so I can read much more earlier than other kids, and that is also main reason why I wear a thick eyeglasses nowadays @.@

Back to my niece, I love her so much. I’m sure that I will help and support her as much as I can when she grows up.

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